there are probably people who havent seen this vine and i genuinely feel bad for them



Making a post for the first time in a while that’s not just a reblog or a response to things just because today happens to be a pretty meaningful day. It’s the 4 year anniversary of the death of George N Parks—one of the most influential men in marching band history and, in my opinion, one of the greatest men who ever lived. His starred thoughts are words that I keep close to my heart, both for marching band related things and just personal things in general. He is one of my personal heroes. 

For the UMass Marching band, their famous ending song is My Way. This song got even more meaning for them after the death of their director, George Parks. The video here is them playing My Way at a rehearsal the day after his very sudden death. This song never fails to make me tear up, and the only reason I wasn’t outright crying as I rewatched this version was because I was in public with a friend sitting near me and I didn’t want to make a scene. 

Eyes with pride.




Once I was walking home with some law school friends and they were like ”Why are you walking up that street your street is like three more streets up”

"Yeah but there’s a house on this street and sometimes their golden retriever naps in the sun on the sidewalk and I like to give him belly rubs"

Now all the law students walk up belly rub lane because law school is stressful and dogs rock

I bet that is the happiest dog